Nutrition & Herbal Medicine

Nutrition & Herbal Medicine

A Natural approach to health with nutrition & herbal medicine

Natural approaches to treating health problems including chronic and serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer using nutrition and natural medicine have been used for centuries. In recent years various studies and research programmes have found that diet and correct nutrition are very effective in halting and even reversing diseases which had previously thought to have been incurable.  Dr T. Colin Campbell in a major population study proved that dietary habits can have an impact on the development of certain cancers.  Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr Dean Ornish have found that it is actually possible to halt and reverse cardiovascular disease through diet and lifestyle changes.   Dr Gabriel Cousens has developed a programme to reverse diabetes using diet and lifestyle changes.  The Hippocrates Health Institute in the United States teaches people how to take control of their health through a living foods diet and has seen many people recover from serious illness as a result.  Dr Max Gerson developed a diet and juicing detoxification programme which has been used for decades to help many people recover from chronic illnesses such as cancer.  I use these same dietary principles in my practice as a Clinical herbalist and Naturopath in combination with herbal medicine and detoxification to help people achieve and maintain good health.  I teach patients about the highly effective use of nutrition, juicing and sprouting, herbal medicine and natural lifestyle  My approach is designed to educate patients in how to get healthy and stay healthy by making changes to their diet and adopting a new approach to health and healing.

Consultations and Treatment:

One to one consultations and dietary counselling is available in person, by email or by phone.

The cost of an initial consultation is £45.00

The cost of a consultation with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle change programme is only £70.00

The cost of herbal medicines when prescribed are dependant on the individual case.   I use high quality, organic and biodynamically grown, or ethically wild gathered herbal medicines, All medicines are individually made up to specific prescriptions.

Follow up consultations and ongoing support: £45.00 (available in person, by email or phone.)

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About Gaynor Jackson:

I am an experienced and qualified healthcare professional, my aim is to provide excellence in treatment and service and to educate patients to help them to enjoy improved health and a better quality of life.  I am qualified in Clinical Herbal medicine and Naturopathy including diet, nutritional therapy, juice fasting , detoxification. colon hydrotherapy, and yoga.  I have a Diploma in Herbal medicine and Naturopathy gained after four years of studies and ongoing professional development with international teachers and practitioners including Dr.Richard Shulze, Dr Charlotte Gerson, Dr Brian Clements, Dr Gabriel Cousens, Dr T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Udo Erasmus.  I am a member of the association of master herbalists.

I also run workshops on diet, nutrition, detoxification and fasting, and detox and yoga retreats in the UK and Madeira.


Some comments and testimonials from patients:

‘A brilliant practitioner, second to none. It is rare to find a practitioner with such depth of knowledge and care.  Highly recommended.’ Bernie J.

‘I would strongly recommend a visit, Gaynor is a very professional and insightful practitioner.‘ Rob

‘Positively life enhancing, highly recommended.’ Carmen D

 ‘I was pain free within one week after suffering with arthritis for more than 20 years.’ Sheila B.

Helena’s story:

‘I have a very rare neuro-vascular disorder called Erythromelalgia and suspected connective tissue disease. According to the medical profession, there is no cure and no effective treatment. Nevertheless, I was prescribed many drugs over the first three years of my illness in an attempt to alleviate my symptoms and control the pain. None of the drugs brought any improvement and, in fact aggravated my symptoms. They also resulted in a complete intolerance to drugs generally causing additional problems in the form of side effects – gastritis and many other related issues. Three years ago I was at my lowest point, weighed only five stone, was severely malnourished and virtually confined to my home in terrible pain. I was eventually hospitalized, but the doctors could not offer any way forward and the future looked very bleak. However since that time I have made significant and continued improvement as a result of Gaynor’s holistic treatment, support, advice and guidance. Gaynor has introduced me to so many health restoring practices and life affirming experiences. She is a true professional and is totally committed to improving the health of all her patients. Words cannot express the deep sense of gratitude I will always feel to Gaynor as there is absolutely no doubt that my health would have continued to deteriorate without her intervention. My complex and challenging health issues have proven to be beyond the scope of the medical profession, yet Gaynor continues to use her phenomenal levels of expertise to meet them. She has helped me in so many ways and improved my health and quality of life immensely. I am no longer underweight, my blood tests regularly show no deficiencies, I have regained a good level of fitness and go out most days. A truly exceptional health practitioner.’

Ray’s story:

‘I was a chronic sufferer of the most painful and debilitating migraines from the age of 11 years old.  At times I would spend at least one day each week  in bed in a darkened room wanting to die because the pain was so excruciating and unbearable.  I would often suffer from severe nausea and vomiting,  I lost weight and looked thin and undernourished.  The migraines carried on badly affecting my quality of life for about 40 years I never knew when one would start and I dreaded getting up in the morning in case I had to endure another day of pain. I felt ill most days even when I didn’t have a migraine, extreme tiredness, dizzy spells, mood swings.   I went to see a homoeopath for several years but got no relief at all from my symptoms.  As the years went by, my health got worse and more symptoms started to appear. I started to develop the most awful eczema on my legs, angry and very red patches of skin, excruciatingly itchy and sore. Next I developed IBS – abdominal pain, discomfort, gas and constipation, nothing I tried  helped  me to find relief.  One day I got out of my car, touched my knee lightly against the car door and within a few hours I couldn’t walk as the knee had swollen up like a balloon. This happened several times and I started to get more and more worried about my health. Other symptoms included night sweats, repeated infections, severe hay fever and Glandular fever. Thanks to Gaynor’s unrelenting support and guidance I changed my diet, cut out all gluten grains and dairy foods, started to introduce more raw foods, I started juicing daily, taking the herbal medicines that she recommended and my health started changing for the better. My eczema cleared up within a couple of weeks, joints stopped swelling, IBS gradually disappeared, and best of all the migraines stopped. My physical and mental health improved beyond my expectations as I no longer had to spend days in bed in awful pain. My health continued to improve, I am now fit, strong and feel healthy. I no longer experience night sweats, rarely catch a cold and these days hay fever is a thing of the past.’