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The Benefits of Colonic Irrigation/Hydrotherapy

Many new patients tell me that they had been thinking of having a treatment for years before they finally got the courage to pick up the phone or drop me an email to make their first appointment.

So why do people come for treatment and what are some of the benefits of Colonic Irrigation?

Many people come for treatment simply because they have heard how good it is for health or their friends or work collegues have recommended it to them after trying it themselves.

Other people come because they have health problems and because they want help with their symptoms.

Approximately one in three patient visits to a GP’s surgery are because of problems and concerns with bowel health.  Their symptoms can include constipation, bloating, excessive gas, pain and discomfort, piles, loose bowel, urgency.  GP’s often prescribe medication to help control these symptoms but many people come away from the surgery still feeling worried and dissatisfied.  Symptoms may not improve despite medication and often patients go backwards and forwards to see their doctor because they do not experience relief.

After experienceing a first Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment most people say that they wish they had done it before and can’t believe what a difference it makes.

Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment combined with dietary changes may help to bring relief from uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms.

If you are thinking of having a Colonic treatment but have not plucked up the courage yet read this comment from a satisfied patient:

‘ I cannot recommend it highly enough.  It was mainly down to curiousity as I have heard such good reviews about Colonics and the many benefits you receive by doing it so I went for it and have not looked back.  The treatment itself is a real eye opener and it really helps you to understand the effects of poor diet and lifestyle.  The aftercare advice and recommendations will be suited to your individual needs and you will certainly be in safe hands with Gaynor.  My advice is to pick up the phone and see what all the fuss is about.  It is worth every penny and can change how you live your life for the better.’  Caroline M.