Colonic Hydrotherapy and weight loss

Does Colonic Hydrotherapy help with weight loss? 

This is a question that I am frequently asked when people come along for treatment for the first time.  

With our hectic lifestyles – diets full of junk food, takeaway dinners, ready meals, lack of sufficient exercise and high stress levels, our colon health really suffers.  With time a build up of waste material can contribute to weight gain and difficult weight loss, poor energy levels and generally not feeling as well as you would like to.  A bad diet, lack of exercise and stress actually makes the colon sluggish by reducing the muscular action in the colon.  Colon Hydrotherapy can help to stimulate the colon so that it doesn’t perform so sluggishly and old waste is eliminated more efficiently.  During a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment large amounts of waste can be released.  Once you have experienced Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions you can expect to feel lighter, cleaner and healthier with a sense of overall well-being.

If you have bad eating habits then dietary changes will be necessary to experience lasting results and health benefits.  A course of Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments may be advised if an individual has a history of weight gain, constipation and a sluggish colon.

So how can Colonic Hydrotherapy help?

A build up of waste material really weakens the colon and impairs its functioning.  The gentle filling and emptying of the colon with warm water during Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment improves the natural muscular contraction by which waste is eliminated from the body.  Waste material can build up over time, over years, and is gently flushed away during the process of a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment.  Once accumulated waste material is removed your colon can once again start to function properly.