Colonic Hydrotherapy Clinic

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The Ultimate Detox

The treatment roomColonic Irrigation or Colonic Hydrotherapy is the ultimate detox for health treatment.  It provides an internal cleanse that helps to remove accumulated wastes and toxins from the colon. Purified water is gently introduced into the colon whilst wastes are washed away safely and hygenically. The introduction of warm water stimulates the colon to naturally release accumulated waste which may contribute to weight gain, tiredness and sluggishness.

Colonic Irrigation provides a way to help your body deal with the toxic effects of a modern diet and lifestyle.

If you are serious about your health you will probably realise that cutting down on junk food for a day or two will not go very far in getting rid of the toxic effects that have been building up in your body for a long time.

Almost everyone can benefit from colonic cleansing regularly depending on your lifestyle, diet and state of health. Modern lifesyles and diet mean that we don’t always eat the right foods, don’t exercise and suffer daily stress which impacts on our health and the functioning of the digestive system.

The natural function of the colon is adversely affected by the food choices that we make, stress, lack of sufficient exercise, some prescription and over the counter medications such as pain killers.

As a result the colon doesn’t function as efficiently as it should, waste products build up, bacterial balance changes and the internal environment in the colon becomes toxic.

Symptoms may start to appear including:

  • Constipation
  • Loose bowel or diarrhoea
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Cramping
  • Abdominal pain and discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Period problems
  • Fertility problems
  • Skin problems
  • Tiredness
  • Allergies
  • IBS
  • Candida

“Colonic Irrigation can be a key factor in the restoration of the body’s natural balance and wellbeing.” – Gaynor Jackson, Colonic Hydrotherapist

What about the benefits of Colonic Irrigation?

People report many benefits which they have experienced with colonic irrigation treatment.

  • More energy
  • Flatter stomach
  • Better digestion
  • Alleviates constipation
  • Clearer skin
  • Easier weight loss

How many colonics will I need?

The number of colonic irrigation treatments you will need varies with each individual and depends upon dietary habits and state of health. Wastes that may have accumulated over time may require more than one initial treatment.  Advice will be given about frequency of treatment based on each individual case.   If you are unsure whether this form of cleansing treatment is for you then you are welcome to book a single appointment to give it a try.

What will happen during a treatment?

At your first visit details will be taken about your health, diet and lifestyle. The treatment process will be explained to you and any questions answered. You will change into a gown and lie comfortably on the treatment table were the process is carried out. Your dignity and comfort will be taken into account at all times. Waste material from the colon is safely and hygenically flushed away.  All patient contact equipment is fully disposible and high standards of hygiene are always obseved. Following a Colonic treatment you will be able to resume your normal daily routine, and most people report feeling lighter and refreshed.

Included in the cost of treatment is a written personal treatment plan with advice on diet, supplements and other appropriate recommendations or referrals.

Cost of Colonic irrigation treatment

Your first appointment costs £60.00 and will take a little longer than any consecutive treatments as time is needed to take your health details and explain the process – about 1 hour 15 mins. Follow-up appointments cost £55.00 and usually take about 1 hour.

Special Detox treatments

Coffee enemas

The use of coffee enemas for detoxification is a natural treatment that has been used for many years.  When coffee is used as a cleansing enema treatment it stimulates the liver to release stored toxins.  A special organic filtered ground coffee is used for coffee enemas.

The liver is a vitally important part of the body’s detoxification system and suffers from the effects of regular consumption of alcohol, eating ‘junk’ foods loaded with fat and sugar, exposure to toxic chemicals in the environment, pharmaceutical (prescription drugs) and stress.

Our liver does the job of continually filtering and cleaning the blood and quickly becomes overburdened and congested forcing toxins to recirculate around the body.

Impaired liver function often results in weight gain, difficult weight loss, cellulite, fatigue, headaches and migraines, hormonal problems, digestive discomfort, skin problems  and more.

A coffee enema is administered into the colon after the colon is first cleansed with a colonic irrigation treatment.

The cost of a coffee enema treatment including initial consultation, colonic irrigation, and coffee enema is £70.00.

If you would like to book an appointment or would like more information about special detox treatments please ring 07738261898

IBS – irritable bowel syndrome

People who suffer from IBS  have the opportunity to come along and discuss their symptoms,  have a consultation and experience a colonic irrigation treatment. Many people have experienced relief from their debilitating symptoms after having a course of treatment and following the individual dietary advice given to each patient.

Are you tired of suffering from IBS ?  phone: 07738261898 or to make an appointment.


My Colonic hydrotherapy practice is within the Bodyline clinic which is opposite the Kids Academy Day Nursery, in Paddington.  There is a large car park for patients.  The clinic is close to Woolston and Warrington town centre and it is 2 miles from the M6. The turning for the clinic is opposite the Toyota Garage and is signposted for the Paddington house hotel.

From the M6
From North or South take the exit at Junction 21 take onto A57. If travelling southeast take the 2nd exit at the roundabout to continue onto the A57, if travelling north take the first at the roundabout exit to continue on the A57. Follow the A57 for 1.6 miles, turn right across the A57 onto Birchdale Rd, and take the first left onto Manchester Rd. The clinic car park is 100 yards on the left.

The Therapist & the Practice

I am an experienced, qualified and registered health care professional, one of only a few hundred in the UK.  My practice is one of the longest established in the northwest with more than thirty years background in natural medicine.  My aim is to provide excellent treatment and service and to help educate patients about diet and health in order for them to get the best out of their treatment.

Some comments from patients:

‘Brilliant practitioner, I have found the level of treatment second to none.  It is rare to find a practitioner with such depth of knowledge and care.  Highly recommended.’ Bernie J.

‘I would strongly recommend a visit, Gaynor is a very professional and insightful practitioner.’ Rob W.’

‘Positively life enhancing, highly recommended.’  Carmen D.

‘I thought the treatment was amazing and very professional.  You made me feel so comfortable under such sensitive circumstances.’  June T.

‘The best colonic treatment I have ever had, recommended you to my friends and work colleagues.‘  Sue B.

I am qualified and experienced in the following therapies:

Colonic Hydrotherapy – My training in Colonic Hydrotherapy was with the prestigious European College of Colonic Hydrotherapy carried out under the supervision of two of the UK’s most renowned tutors – Dr Milo Siewart, and Roger Groos.

Clinical Herbal medicine and Naturopathy (herbal medicine, diet and nutritional medicine, juice fasting, detoxification and hydrotherapy.)

I gained a Diploma in Herbal medicine and Naturopathy after four years of studies and ongoing professional development with international teachers and practitioner including Dr.Richard Shulze, Dr Charlotte Gerson, Dr Brian Clements, Dr Gabriel Cousens, Dr T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Udo Erasmus.

I have been practicing in West Manchester for more than twenty years. I regularly attend professional development training courses to continually add to may knowledge and expertise.  I regularly teach courses in nutrition and health, juice fasting, and detoxification at my practice in Manchester and internationally.

Treatments and consultations are carried out at my private practice within the Bodyline clinic.  The treatment room is private and the environment is relaxing and pleasant.

If you would like to book an appointment or for more information please ring Gaynor Jackson on 07738 261 898 or email